Boutique Investment Banking

Business sales, acquisitions and exit planning

We are an investment banking firm with over 30 years of experience representing business owners and buyers in the sale of companies with EBITDA of $1.0 million and above.


Years in the business sales sector


No upfront fees on business sales representation


Closing rate

Our difference

The typical business broker carries dozens of listings and they don’t do any strategic preparation. Their marketing consists solely of placing your confidential business details online to public business for sale marketplaces hoping that somehow a qualified buyer will find it. That is not how we work.

We only handle a very limited number of engagements.

We do exhaustive pre-market due diligence on every component of your business.

We work with ownership to identify any flawed areas of the business that we know diminishes the company’s value, and together we put a plan in place to correct them. Only when these issues are resolved, or a plan is in place to fix them, do we take the company to market.

We conduct a confidential process and follow a comprehensive and proven successful marketing strategy to a highly targeted list of prospective buyers.

Our proven strategy guarantees you will get the best possible price and terms for your business.

Our closing rate is over 90%

According to industry statistics, only 25% of businesses listed for sale in the lower market get sold. Those that sell are commonly sold for far less than what the owner could have received if their business was properly packaged and marketed.

As such, using traditional methods will likely result in no sale, or one that does not generate the financial rewards that our processes provide.

Buyer’s mentality

“To be a successful seller, you must understand the buyer’s mentality.

We know how buyers think. We know what they want. We understand precisely how to get them to the finish line with the best possible purchase price and deal terms for you.”

– Richard Parker – Roy Street Advisors founder

Our principal has personally purchased and sold thirteen of his own companies. We understand exactly what our clients are going through – their concerns, fears, hopes and dreams.

Our principal is also the author of the ‘How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price’© series, the most widely used reference resource for business buyers.

In addition to representing business owners since 1990, we have also done buy-side intermediary work since 2001.

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